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There is a Dining Plan for YOU!

With all of the worries of going to college, the last thing you need to worry about is where your next meal is coming from. That's why we're here. Campus Dining Services can accommodate all of your food service needs with fresh food and great taste. We offer several meal plans that offer you convenience with a lot of variety and tremendous value. Just visit one of our convenient locations and you are all set. Perfect for the busy student on the go. See each plan offered below.

Looking for more information? Download our Dining Brochure Here!

Dining Plans

  • Carte Blanche- $2200 
    • This program is the best value as it offers unlimited access to Hasbrouck Dining Hall on a continual basis. Come and go when you want, as often as you want, and eat as much as you want. The Carte Blanche Plan is required for all first-year students during their first and second semester, but it is also recommended for those with hearty appetites. This plan also includes 3 guest meals per semester, so you can bring a friend! $250 Dining Dollars are included.
  • 10 Meals Per Week - $2200
    • This plan includes any 10 meals per week (Monday-Sunday) at Hasbrouck Dining Hall. If you eat 2 meals a day and would like added flexibility to experience other food service areas, this may be the best plan for you. This plan also includes 3 quest meals per semester and $900 Dining Dollars.
  • 3 Meals Per Week - $2200
    • This plan includes 3 meals per week at Hasbrouck Dining Hall, along with $1,500 Dining Dollars to be used at any of the dining areas on campus and 3 guest meals per semester.

Voluntary Meal Plans

These plans are ideal for commuter students or faculty/staff who want to grab a quick bite to eat between classes.

  • Student Commuter or Fac/Staff Plan A - $100
    • $110 in Dining Dollars
  • Student Commuter or Fac/Staff Plan B - $200
    • $225 in Dining Dollars

Visit my.casaccount to add Dining Dollars to your account from the convenience of home! 

Looking for more information? Check out our dining brochure.      

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Need Additional Dining Dollars?

You can purchase additional Dining Dollars at the ID/Meal Plan office, SUB 064. Make a deposit in person at the office to receive a $10 bonus on $100 deposit and a $25 bonus on $200 deposit. Funds added through my.CASaccount are ineligible for bonuses.

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