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Gifts from Home - Exam Cram Cravings - Coke

An assortment of snacks and beverages to get you through the crunch time of exams!

Package - Cereal Bar

Three cereals, two milks, bowls and spoons.

Package - Cupcake Decorating Party

Dozen cupcakes and all the fixings for fun.

Package - Healthy Snacks

Two healthy options great for snacking.

Package - Ice Cream Social

Three gallons of ice cream, two sauces, and four toppings. Serves up to 45 people.

Package - Pizza Party

Three large pizzas and soda.

Package - Tailgate Party Wings Pizza

Get together on game day with this pizza, wings, and drinks package!

Good All Semester Charge

Unlimited refills!

10 Drink Charge

Fill your Bottle 10 times!

Rechargeable Fill Bottle

Drinks all over campus whenever you want!

Hasbrouck and Chill Shirt

Now available for purchase!

Apple Pie

Pies hot out of the oven. Choose your filling and enjoy a piece of confection perfection.
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*All products from our catalog may contain or be prepared with equipment that is also used to prepare products containing wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and gluten. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions about any of our selections.

Please contact us if you need to request a refund.  All refunds will be resolved within 72 hours.
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